MCWC Needs Your help with legal fees

September 16, 2019

Dear Members & Supporters,

In 2007, after a 7-year court battle, Judge Root ruled that allowing Nestle/Ice
Mountain to take 400 gallons a minute in Mecosta County was not sustainable.
Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation (MCWC) was a million dollars in debt.
You helped MCWC get out of debt rapidly and we thank you.

MCWC is in debt again and needs your help. Michigan DEQ in 2018 approved a
permit that would allow Nestle/Ice Mountain to take 400 gallons of water a minute
in Osceola county. Now you may ask if this is not sustainable in Mecosta County
why would it be sustainable in Osceola County. MCWC also asked this.

MCWC has legally contested the DEQ’s permit and had a hearing May 20 thru
May 24th . MCWC is now waiting for the Judge to give his ruling in October.
MCWC was able to pay the legal fees up until May. After the hearing MCWC now
has a debt of nearly $100,000.00.

MCWC is once again asking for your help. If you can donate that would be

You can donate at MCWC’s website at or mail in a
donation to:

P.O. Box 1
Mecosta, MI 49332

Thank You,
MCWC Board
Peggy Case, President
Shannon Abbott, Vice President
Chris Swier, Treasurer
John McLane
Jim Maturen
Diane Weckerle
Ken Ford
Wendy Nystrom

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