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You may imagine the story “David and Goliath” when you think about a township with 900
residents that is currently standing up to the multi-billion$$$ foreign corporation, Nestlé.
MCWC has been here before when we delivered a lawsuit against Nestlé in 2004 for pumping
too much water from the Sanctuary site in Mecosta County and degrading the Deadstream
wetland area.

This time Nestlé wants to build a booster pump station to allow for the transport of water through
pipeline IF they get the increase from 150 gpm to 400 gpm. The MDEQ is currently making
this decision. So, Nestlé sued Osceola Township because the township denied their permit as
the township enforced their own zoning ordinance. Judge Susan Sniegowski from Mason
County heard this case because 3 local judges recused the case. Many MCWC supporters were
at the November 15 th Hearing on a cold rainy day. The judge’s decision sided with Nestlé. The
Osceola Township Board is now appealing this decision.

MCWC is supporting the Osceola Township Board. We have partnered with organizations,
including FLOW and SumofUs, to help!

The world-wide organization SumofUs collected signatures of 160,000 people from around the
world who said, “Nestle drop the Lawsuit against Osceola Township!” SumofUs also collected
enough money to pay off the township’s current legal bills.

Osceola Township continues to amass more legal bills. If you would like to help this township,
you CAN by supporting their Legal Defense Fund: Please make a donation by sending a
personal check to this address. A receipt will be sent to you.
Osceola Township Legal Defense Fund
6521 100 th Avenue
Evart, MI 49631
Attention: Martin Nieman, Treasurer

Read more on Nestle here.


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  1. We must save our water at all costs!

  2. We must save our water at all costs! We have no other planet to go to. Been boycotting nestle for a while now.

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