Potash Mine: The Details – Threat to Muskegon River Watershed

Potash Mine in Hersey

Nestlé is not the only “large water taker” near Evart, Michigan. Six miles southwest of Nestlé’s opération, Michigan Potash Company (MPC) is seeking permits to drill 11 injection-wells for a proposed large-scale potash solution-mining venture. The company would pump huge quantities of fresh water into deep salt formations to dissolve the salts and bring them to the surface where the water can be boiled away to produce both salt (NaCl) and Potash (KCl).

With an initial freshwater withdrawal rate of over 1200 gallons per minute, 24 hours per day (and rising to unknown levels over time), their usage would dwarf the nearby Nestle operation (which is already drawing down aquifers and drying up streams). This astronomical pumping rate can, potentially:

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