Michigan Potash Company

Stop Brine Injection in a Wetland!

An absentee entrepreneur will take fresh water from a Muskegon River watershed and return it dirty.

Michigan Potash Company (MPC) LLC is a proposed large-scale potash solution-mine. The owner, Ted Pagano, in Colorado, wants permits for 11 injection wells to support this project. At 1200 gallons per minute, 24 hours per day, the fresh water he takes would dwarf that of Nestlé.


Nestlé is not the only “large water taker" in Michigan. Michigan Potash Company would sink 11 injection wells six miles southwest of them.

Injection wells pump huge quantities of fresh water into deep salt formations. The water dissolves the salts and brings them to the surface. The water is then boiled away to produce both salt (NaCl) and Potash (KCl).

The Michigan Potash Company solution-mine would initially take more water than Nestlé. Then this fresh water loss would rise to unknown levels over time. The aquifers and streams of the area are already drying up. This astronomical pumping rate can, potentially:

• Draw down the water table and dry up local wells
• Cause salt-water to intrude into the aquifer from below
• Dry up local streams, lakes, and wetlands
• Reduce flows to the Muskegon River

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