Action: Potash Mine: Make a Comment to EPA

Potash Mine in Osceola County, Michigan

The Michigan Potash Co. LLC (MPC) has filed permit applications to the EPA for 11 injection
wells. The EPA permits are for 3 Class I waste wells, and 8 Class-III production wells. The EPA
Hearing was held in Reed City on January 4th.

We ask that you SEND A COMMENT to the EPA by EMAIL or MAIL by January 27, 2017
concerning your opposition to the permits
as a threat to drinking water/groundwater, the
surface and sub-surface environment, and reduced flow into the Muskegon River.

Sub-Surface Threats:
Contamination: Southern Osceola County is a veritable pincushion of old oil & gas well-bores
which could transport wastes upwards from the injection wells into residential aquifers. The
EPA has identified a confining rock layer above the waste-injection zone and declared it to be
free of cracks. No site-specific information was utilized. Detailed well-logs exist for the area
but the EPA has not looked at them.
Aquifer Depletion: Michigan Potash Co. will withdraw fresh water (starting at 1200 gallons per
minute), which will likely draw down the main aquifer, compromise residential wells, and
possibly cause intrusion of salt water. This overconsumption, especially when combined with
Nestle Water’s takings 6 miles away will reduce flows to the Muskegon River.

Surface Threats:
MPC plans to pipe billions of gallons of hot, toxic brine solutions over 6000 acres of land
interlaced with ravines, creeks, wetlands, and shallow aquifers, all feeding the nearby
Muskegon River. No environmental studies have been produced. No mitigation plan exists to
deal with leaks and spills. Well and pipeline locations have not been disclosed.

No Funding For Cleanup or Mitigation:
Michigan Potash Company is organized as a chain of Limited Liability Corporations (LLC’s) based
in Colorado, whose owners can avoid paying for major environmental damage.


We ask that you write to the EPA & oppose these well permits before the comment period closes on Friday, January 27 because:

1) EPA has not studied the drilling logs for 36 nearby deep wells to verify the integrity of the
confining layer for the three proposed waste-injection wells.

2) EPA has not identified specific locations for 8 of these injection wells nor for any interconnecting

3) EPA does not have a detailed plan for dealing with spills and leaks in this extremely fragile

4) No hydrogeological survey has been done to assess the threats of aquifer depletion and
contamination from both above and below.

5) Michigan Potash Co. LLC has not posted a large enough bond to cover all future cleanup and
remediation costs.


Re. Michigan Potash Co. LLC Class 1 (waste) wells: Application numbers: MI-133-1I-0004, -0005, -0006

• Allan Batka (
• U.S. EPA Region 5
Mail Code WU-16J
77 W. Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60604-3590

Re. Michigan Potash Co. LLC Class 3 (production) wells: Application number: MI-133-3G-0028

• Janette Hansen (
• U.S. EPA Region 5
Mail Code WU-16J
77 W. Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60604-3590